Block making machine

Short intervals, short downtimes, precise filling, simple and reliable operation – these are the foundations of successfull, higliy productive manufacturing.

There is no machine on the market to better fulfill these promise than our top model, the OMAG Tronic.

OMAG Tronic - Types


Mechanics and kinematics
  • Heavy duty machine frame in solid welding construction
    o prevention of cracking
  • easy accessibility
    o fast lock and unlocksystem
  • automiatic quick Mould Change slide
    o Mould sledge with triangular guide and hydraulic cylinder
    o one man mould change
  • Wearing plate for fillerbox table
Mixing and batching
  • separate mixer for base and face mix
  • Planetary fine & base mixer with skiphoist
    o high quality mixing results
  • Bucket conveyor transportation
    o avoidance of excessive wear of the mixer
    o avoidance of segregation
    o avoidance of fast drying of the cement
  • The hoppers of Colormix System are filled with colored batches from the mixer
  • The Colormix System moves excactly over the hoppers of the machine (by a frequency controlled drive and encoder)
  • Each hopper is a weighing hopper
  • Exactly dosing into the hopper by dosing roller
  • The amount of concrete is adjustable
  • Each hopper has 2 or 3 feeders
  • Recipes on color, weight and feeder position make a absolute reproducibility possible



Technische Daten: Anzahl der Farbkübel: 3 Farbbetonmenge max.: 3 x 1200 kg Dosierleistung: 1 bis 28 l/s Fahrgeschwindigkeit: 0,1 – 0,8 m/s Spur Schiene: 1750 mm Radstand: 4425 mm Bauhöhe: 1600 mm Einlauf: 1250 x 1250 mm Auslaufbreite: 2 x 550 mm Eigengewicht: 3200 kg Andere Größen auf Anfrage


The latest generation of vibration technology.

The highly dynamic servo amplifiers provide an integrated and fast control technique with further advantages

• maximum performance
• exact repetition of vibrations, also for vibration times less than 70 ms
• less waste through better compaction
• reduction of cycle times
• increasing output leads to a rising productivity of the plant
• energy savings

Your benefits:

  • latest technology
  • fast delivery
  • 2 days for installation
  • experienced Support
E-volution III

Finger car group

The Finger Car automatically transports the new products from the elevator to the curing chambers and after curing to the lowerator.

  • Solid base frame in rugged welded construction
  • 4 wheel and bearing assemblies with flanged wheel
  • Turntable is electrically driven (optional)
  • Electric locks secure the Transfer Car’s position at the rails
  • Locating control is laser and provides high accuracy in steam


The cuber automatically forms shipping cubes. The layers are transported from the de-palleting to the palleting station and – if necessary – rotated.

All 3 movement axles are electrically driven and are provided with digital path measurement devices to drive a distance and time optimized motion curve.