Modificationen and Service

OMAG – Service. Always the best choice.

Your success is important to us! When you purchase an OMAG quality product, you not only acquire a modern high-performance system, but also the highest level of precision and reliability. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, we offer round-the-clock spare parts availability as well as technical service and qualified training for your operating personnel.

We also offer attractive service contracts for maximum reliability.
If you are interested, please contact our sales department.
We will support you in keeping your OMAG machines in optimal condition.


Modifications to your existing systems


We not only manufacture new systems for our customers, but we also modify existing technology.

OMAG replaces components and brings your machine up to a new standard.


   Of course, we also reprogram the software for your systems.

   Our IT specialists are the right contact for old, modified and new systems.


By transmitting information via modem, troubleshooting can often be determined in real time.
Our electrical engineers have direct access to your control units through the modem connection.
This means that machine functions can be checked and errors immediately corrected.


In order to guarantee you an optimal and flexible service, we have experienced service technicians on service worldwide.


Your employees will be trained by our experienced experts. Through this practice-oriented training, your employees will gain the necessary knowledge in the safe and efficient handling of the system.

<center>Service – Hotline</center>

+49 4921 – 805 888

Our customer service and spare parts warehouse are available to you from 06.00 – 20.00 h