The OMAG Cuber

Cuber and Dry Side

The cuber stacks individual layers of concrete products into packs.
Servo drives, servo lifting drives and hydraulic clamps rotating by servo drives ensure fast, precise and powerful movements.

The cuber is at a key position in the modern production line of concrete block products.


Dry Side

Our plants offer the level of automation that suits the customer and his situation.
Our existing plants range from simple concrete block machines without any further automated storage and cubin to turnkey, fully automated complete plants.

The fully automatic dry side takes over the complete packaging of the products.
A product change from paving blocks to hollow blocks can be carried out within a few moments.
  All parameters are saved once in a recipe of the visualisation and can be sent to the controls at any time.
  In addition to our cuber, we also offer automatic systems for stone after-treatment.

Together with a cooperation partner, we offer, for example, the SAM, a plant for the artificial ageing of stones.

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